Is It Possible to Build a Sustainable, Profitable Practice with Performance-Driven Law Firm SEO and Internet Marketing?

I know the Internet is the “future,” and I’ve heard success stories from other law firms on how well the Internet has worked for them, but I’ve also heard horror stories, and I don’t want to make the mistake of wasting my hard-earned marketing dollars on something that just doesn’t work.
- Typical Lawyer / Entrepreneur

Sounds familiar? I hear this—or variations of it—from our new clients all the time:

“I hired XYZ firm, and we didn’t get any results.”


I hired XYZ Company who not only did not perform well but tied me to a one-year contract so I couldn’t get out.

It looks like everyone and their brother claims to be a “law firm SEO expert” but who has the results to show for it?

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Internet marketing is the future of law firm marketing—and search engine rankings will be even more crucial to your business growth beyond 2013. Companies are set to spend $2.2 billion in search engine optimization by 2016. That’s because studies have shown you’re 8 times more likely to acquire a new client from SEO leads than other forms of traditional advertising like print ads.

But if you don’t know how to separate an SEO quack from the real deal, then you’re going to lose big time.

No regulations govern online marketing companies. No restrictions limit what we can and cannot say. So-called SEO experts can promise you the world…and spectacularly fail to deliver…at your expense.

Fortunately, SmithSEO has a proven track record of delivering solid results that drive business growth.

SmithSEO has, time and again, delivered profitable results for our clients. We not only increased the volume and quality of traffic to our clients’ websites, our law firms’ telephone and email leads increased steadily when we handled their internet marketing. They’re signing new clients more frequently, and they’re being recognized as the go-to expert in their practice areas.

We only have one goal and we’ve achieved it consistently over the past 6 years: getting attorneys and law firms to do what they do best—obtaining justice for the most number of clients and getting them to enjoy the fruits of a sustainable, profitable law practice.

We take your success seriously because your success is our success.

Your previous internet marketer may have failed because he or she didn’t take your business personally. That’s really the bottom line: Without the passion and commitment to guarantee a client’s success, failure is a given.

The only way we’re successful is if you’re successful first—that’s been our mantra since SmithSEO started…which is why we don’t tie our clients into any contract. If you’re not 100% happy with results, you can cancel anytime. This guarantee puts the pressure on us to perform well.

When you call us, you’ll speak with the Chief Strategist only and nobody else.

Who sold you the service? A salesperson? And who managed it once you “joined the club?” A junior “account executive” that was hired two weeks ago?

Large SEO firms have many layers of people who do separate things. The person that worked on your account probably didn’t know what he or she was doing.

With us, SmithSEO’s Chief Strategist—Gerrid Smith—will personally create and manage your dominate-the-market campaign.

We’re not generalists—we’re a company of experts. The goal of every member of our team is mastery of our craft. That’s why we’re all very passionate about what we do. We work long hours, too…not because we have to, but because we genuinely enjoy our work and love seeing our clients succeed.

Many of our clients’ businesses depend on our services to thrive so we can’t afford to get it wrong.

SmithSEO tailors your internet marketing strategy to the needs of your law firm.

EVERY market is different so we design a customized plan to dominate your market. Your previous law firm internet marketing company failed to achieve good results because they ignored this basic reality. Your site was herded along a “one-size-fits-all” assembly line. They didn’t care to look into your competition and adjust your campaign.

We are a boutique firm—we don’t take on every client that comes our way. We only work with clients that are a good fit for us: those who understand the value of SEO and our contribution to growing their legal practice. This allows us to focus on the lawyers and law firms that we believe in. With this focused approach, we’re able to develop a winning strategy that allows you to do well in your niche market.

It’s not uncommon for us to invest 100% of your budget in the first few months to get your campaign off the ground quickly.

Besides poor strategy, there’s one major reason why other firms don’t get great results: they don’t invest enough into their clients’ campaigns to generate quick results. With a big company, there are lots of employees and lots of layers of management—which means your marketing dollars have many mouths to feed. If you pay $1,000 a month for your SEO, how much of that is actually going into your campaign?

We’re one of a (very) rare number of law firm internet marketing companies that are willing to forego initial revenue and profits to help our clients succeed quickly. We do this for two reasons:

  • We believe in our service and the unmatched value of Page 1 rankings in Google;
  • When we provide great results, you’re going to be a happy client. You’ll want to use our other services, too, yielding more opportunities for us in the long run. It’s a win-win!

SEO and internet marketing isn’t easy—but we’re always on top of the latest industry changes to give you the best service possible.

SEO is hard work, and the industry can change in the blink of an eye. If your last consultant or firm didn’t stay on top of emerging trends, your strategy didn’t work as effectively as it should have.

SEO is complicated, too. There are a million ways to do it wrong and only a few ways to do it right. It’s incredibly difficult to scale, which is why big marketing brands typically don’t provide the results-focused service of a boutique firm like SmithSEO.

Our goal is to provide you the absolute best quality and most advanced service possible. It’s our responsibility to keep you happy with the results of our work. That’s why we’re always updated with our SEO strategies, technologies and tactics; and why we spend money every year on training to keep us a step ahead of the pack.

Our track record is better than most: 90% of our clients have received a Page 1 ranking for their primary keyword phrase in fewer than 120 days.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about us:

“I wanted to thank you for all of the attention you have given me. In the time that our firm has been utilizing your services, our web presence has skyrocketed—a true testament to your expertise and diligence.”
Andrew M. Lamkin, Esq.

 “Gerrid, we’ve received over 30 leads per month for the past 3 months. Your expert internet marketing services are second to none.”
Lee Abrahamson, Tampa Law Firm

Your law firm website can do so much more in building a sustainable, profitable practice. With a #1 Google ranking, you’re likely to attract a 1,400% increase in website visitors for your primary keyword. SEO leads also have a higher ROI.

But be careful how you deploy SEO. Your attorney/law firm reputation is your greatest asset. If your internet marketing company isn’t mindful of bar rules on online advertising, you might find yourself or your legal practice in hot water.

Work only with a reputable attorney and law firm SEO expert who has a proven track record of delivering solid ranking results that don’t alienate Google and other search engines. SmithSEO has the experience and expertise that matters.

If you like the idea of thinking less about business and more about winning your cases… if you’d rather build a profitable, sustainable practice by steadily obtaining clients… if you want to dominate your market, call us today or fill out the short form below.

There’s no better time than now to get started defending the rights of more people!

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